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Raspberry Sugar Cookie Hearts

I found this great small Valentine’s Day Cookie Stamp at Fancy Flours the other day. I really like cookie stamps, but a lot of them are really big (like 4 inches) and this one is nice and small. Perfect for these sugar cookies. They aren’t really anything special, but the raspberry glaze really does make them pretty. Easy but time consuming because you have to let things cool and harden a couple of time.
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General Reference/Tutorial

Salted Vanilla Bourbon Sugar

A couple of weeks ago, when I made this Peanut Butter Cup Fudge, I also made this sugar and sprinkled it on the top to add a little bit of a textural bit to it. As if the fudge wasn’t over the top as it was, eh? Anyway, turns out that this sugar is pretty over the top as well and I have made it a couple of times since then. Great (really great!) in tea, goes well with fruit, on cereal, a last little bit of flavor in yogurt; I even put just a bit on a steak the other day.
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Homemade Nutella

World Nutella Day is coming up tomorrow. Yeah, there is such a thing: World Nutella Day. I’m not making it up. And while I guess that someone at the Ferrero Roche company might object to me calling this homemade hazelnut chocolate spread Nutella, it is more or less the same thing, eh? So there you have it: make your own to celebrate the day!
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