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Peanut Butter and Fudge Swirl “Moose Tracks” Cookies

Moose Track Cookies. I’m not sure exactly why I was enticed to make these. It’s turned to autumn here in the Northeast, and with that, all the pretty leaves. That makes me think of Maine (here I come next two weekends!), and somehow the fall makes me think of moose too. And Maine makes me think of Gifford’s Ice Cream. They have a Moose Tracks Ice cream that these cookies are sort of modeled after: vanilla with fudge swirl and chopped up peanut butter cups. I think other brands have this flavor too. This is a very stream of conscious type of post, but that is how it goes. Happy moose (track) watching.
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Honey Blossom Honey Crisp Apple Tart

This is the 26th version of apple pie on my site to date. Sure, some of them add cherries or blueberries. Some of them are two crust, some lattice, some quirky cutouts as a lattice, and yes, some of them are swirls like this. What can I say: I really like apple pie. It’s one of the comfort foods (along with Spätzle) that I reach for first. And it *is* the start of apple season. Yup, that’s my excuse for making pie when I have 8 million other things that I should be doing today.
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Cookies, Sweet Snacks

Flour-less Salted Almond Chocolate Bites

Cookies. Back to cookies, my all time love (though pie is a close second). I decided to experiment with another “flourless” (ie Gluten Free) recipe, not because I eat GF (nor medically need, obviously) but simply because when I saw this recipe, I liked in. It is *pure chocolate*. No flour, no butter, only egg whites and then powdered sugar, cocoa and melted chocolate. They are sort of like brownies, quite gooey on the inside and simply delicious. Happy I tried them out.
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Spiced Honey Bourbon Apple Spritzer

It’s really warm out for September, above 27C/80C for sure. That isn’t exactly conducive to fall cocktails, but this was what I was in the mood for. Hearty bourbon, sweet honey and apples. It’s cold enough and fizzy enough even to drink on this hot day. Can it be autumn now?!?
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Breakfast/Brunch, Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Apple Berry Breakfast Strudels (or Afternoon Tea Pies)

Things have not been going tremendously well in the “time management” department these days … that is to say, “real life” has been so busy, that Cup of Sugar :: Pinch of Salt has taken a bit of a back burner (no pun intended). It’s overall tremendously frustrating, that. But in an attempt to make myself feel better, and it’s a misty miserable morning, I made these mini-pies, aka breakfast strudels. Pie for breakfast: always a cure all.
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