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Cherry Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Every year at Easter Time, I make some hot cross buns. It’s pretty traditional, and it’s a Good Friday tradition in the UK. Every year I get a little bored with the recipe as well. So this year, I decided to mix it up and instead of using raisins, cranberries, currants or (as I did last year) dried apricots, I decided to use chocolate covered dried cherries. They we’re a bit big so I did chopped them a little. If you don’t have chocolate covered cherries in particular, I suppose Raisinets would work as well. Or if you like the cherry-chocolate combo, then mini-chocolate chips and some dried cherries. Pleased with the result.
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Peek inside … There’s a Peep Inside! Cake

For those of you who follow my baking and cooking, you will know that I really really hate food coloring. I rarely use it and generally find that if it isn’t a color that naturally occurs in something that one would generally eat, you shouldn’t dye it that color. The only thing that I would put in my mouth that is the color of this cake is Pepto Bismol, which didn’t exactly help in the baking. But every now and again, I bow to pop culture and decide to make something silly. Back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Also, the last time I made one of these “Cake-Inside” Cakes, I took photos of all the steps. Those can be found here.
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Maple Bacon Biscuits
(from Huckleberry, by Zoe Nathan)

I recently purchased the Huckleberry cookbook (yes, I am a cookbook junkie) and while I rarely make recipes in their entirety without modifications, I am trying out some of the recipes for the first time. Up first from Huckleberry was this Maple Bacon Biscuit recipe. It happens to also be on the theme of maple syrup (see previous post) and … well, bacon is bacon, and bacon is good. While I these were spectacular straight out of the oven (with a bit of butter) and I m sure that they would also pair well with soup or bisque, I decided to make an egg and bacon breakfast sandwich which was fantastic.
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Browned Butter Maple Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Switching gears from some of my Easter baking to another Springtime ritual here in New England: Maple Syrup. Seriously one of the best things on the planet. And no, not the fake stuff that is made from corn syrup but the real maple syrup that comes from trees and all. Last weekend was Maine Maple Sunday (always the 4th Sunday in March, right around when the trees should be tapped) and many of the producers had open houses. No, I don’t live in Maine, but close enough (not to mention family lives there, and many friends) so I got to thinking that I should commemorate this year’s “harvest” somehow. These lovely, crispy, nutty, maple-y cookies did the trick. Enjoy!
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