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Blueberry Ricotta Muffins with Lemon Sugar Topping

I must have a dozen variations on the blueberry muffin theme here on CSPS, and here is yet another one. This one is unique in that I was mostly out of dairy and only had ricotta in the house, so I used that. Also, there is actually less sugar in these than some of the other sorts. They did come out lovely though, with that extra bit of lemony sugar crunch on the top.
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Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies

So it’s getting to that time of the year again: St. Patrick’s Day. And that usually means at least one stereo-typical foodie post on the matter. This year, that involves these Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies. Even if they are stero-typical, they still taste good! 🙂
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Caramel Rum Banana Streusel Coffee Cake

A few weeks ago, I made this awesome Caramel Rum Banana Bread. It was pretty delicious, so when I had to make something “breakfast-y” for today, I decided to turn more or less the exact same recipe into a coffee cake by adding a streusel topping. Equally as epic… and it doesn’t hurt that you can say that you had rum for breakfast on a Friday! 🙂
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Apricot White Chocolate Cinnamon and Toffee Cookies

Another day of going through the pantry and finding loads more half used bags of chocolate chips and dried fruit, so along those lines — and because I didn’t have time to run to the shops and I had to make a bunch of cookies for a bake sale — here are another one of my “everything but the kitchen sink” cookies, sort of like the Chocolate Toffee Cranberry Cookies from a few weeks ago. They are even sort of healthy this time!
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Almond Joy Cookies

This week I learned that it is possible to make cookies without flour, sugar, eggs or butter. Neat trick, eh? Yes, I thought so. But these super simple to make Almond Joy Cookies have none of those four ingredients, thought there is sugar in the chocolate chips and sweetened shredded coconut, and the binder is condensed milk, so I can’t say that they are vegan. The nuts? Well that makes them Almond Joy cookies instead of Mounds cookies, right? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t … you can finish the jingle. 🙂
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