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Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

More strawberry Recipes! Right after I went strawberry picking, I made the mousse flavoring for this one, as well as the compote. Thankfully it lasted a few days in the fridge because I didn’t get around to making the cupcakes until toward the end of the week, and just in time for 4th of July festivities. Very yummy!
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Strawberry Charlotte

I went strawberry picking yesterday; ended up with about 42 pounds of berries, so they’ll be a lot of strawberry recipes coming up. The thing with picking your own strawberries at the farm is that they are so fresh and unadulterated that you actually have to process them within a day or so. That means lots of jams, pie fillings and such. And this Charlotte cake. They are pretty to look at, but yes, a bit of a pain to cut as the second that you take off the ribbon, the lady fingers could fall off. Of well; still tastes great.
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Strawberry Lime Mini-Cupcakes

It’s a cold and rainy day in Boston today, which isn’t reflected in these cupcakes at all. They just scream summer. I should have waited to make them after I went PYO Strawberry picking later this month, but I figured that it was a good way to usher in June … even if the weather isn’t cooperating!
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Strawberry Lemon Thyme Pinwheel Cookies

It’s getting to be strawberry season in about a months time and I always go PYO strawberry picking and then make at least one kind of jam. Last year, it was Strawberry Lemon Thyme Jam. I had the last jar of it in the pantry and when deciding what to bake, come across the idea to make some more jam pinwheels, and to use this yummy jam. Yes, the thyme is a little unique, but it works well and even better in cookies.
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