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The Figgy Piggy

A yummy sandwich / panini with a silly name! As you may know, I have a thing for figs… fresh figs, dried figs, fig jams and butters… all yummy additions and lend this “something” to sweet and savory things. IN this case, I used Trader Joes fig butter on a grilled cheese with bacon, hence the silly name.
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“Traditional” Maine Lobster Rolls

So, after my trip to Maine last weekend, I’m devouring the bounty that I brought back. Today, that meant making a “Traditional” Maine Lobster Roll. Now, “traditional” is all relative. Everyone has a slightly different recipe for the lobster “stuffing” but a few things hold true:
1. as much lobster as you can get in the roll.
2. not too much mayo (and some people prefer melted butter over mayo altogether)
3. buttered, toasted top-split hotdog bun

I add lettuce, but some people hate that. Some people add a little bit of celery to the lobster, but I hate that. I add a little bit of horseradish and chives. Some people add paprika or dill. Either way, the rolls in the photo are “overstuffed” and delicious.
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Maple Bacon Biscuits
(from Huckleberry, by Zoe Nathan)

I recently purchased the Huckleberry cookbook (yes, I am a cookbook junkie) and while I rarely make recipes in their entirety without modifications, I am trying out some of the recipes for the first time. Up first from Huckleberry was this Maple Bacon Biscuit recipe. It happens to also be on the theme of maple syrup (see previous post) and … well, bacon is bacon, and bacon is good. While I these were spectacular straight out of the oven (with a bit of butter) and I m sure that they would also pair well with soup or bisque, I decided to make an egg and bacon breakfast sandwich which was fantastic.
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