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Easy Peasy Pasta Cheesy (with Peas-ies, please)

Today is National Cheese Lovers Day. Again, a WTF “holiday” made up by the promote cheese eating association, but while were all here, I might as well share my recipe for easy stove-top Mac + Cheese (only with a sillier name). Believe it or not, it uses American cheese for part of it (mostly because of the emulsification factor). If you can’t get get American, a mild Fontina will do. If you happen to be in Germany, “Butterkäse” is a good substitute. The cheddar makes it kick-ass though (if you aren’t a cheddar person, a young Emmentaler or Grueyer will do the trick). Best part of this recipe: takes all of 22 minutes to make, which is pretty much long it would take you to make the “out of the box” (blech) kind, so you might as well go with a good one. Peas are optional, but not in my world.
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Rigatoni Pie

Here is a little bit of an odd-ball recipe for you: Rigatoni Pie. OK, in this case, it is actually Paccheri Pie, because that is the kind of pasta that I used, but most people would use rigatoni. Any tubular pasta will do though. I had found the paccheri a while back at Eataly, so figured that I could use them with this.

So what is a pasta pie? Essentially, a lasagna with the noddles standing upright. All the ingredients are the same. I just think this turns out to be a bit of a fun presentation. And perfect comfort food as well.
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“Go To” Easy Pasta Salad

Getting to be BBQ season here in the Northeast and it is the Fourth of July coming up so I thought that I would share one of my “Go To” side dishes. This pasta salad has to be one of the fastest ever to put together and is very neutral — no exotic flavors this time. I went for a little picnic out on one of the islands in Boston Harbor and snacked on this salad on the rocks.
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Spinach and Lobster Fettuccine in a Light Cream Sauce

Today is National Lobster Day so that seemed like a good excuse to each some lobster. Then again, I rarely need an excuse for a lobster roll. Or lobster anything, but lobster rolls are my favorite. But I thought that I would put this on the lunch table instead. You can use regular pasta instead of the spinach, and feel free to add other veg like peas or corn… also good and nice and summery!
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Lobster Mac + Cheese

Rumor has it, there is a big-ish football game on the TV in a little while. Rumor has it that the New England Patriots are playing in it. I’m a New Englander. I might care about the game.

So while I am sure there are lots of appetizer and snack food recipes going around today, I thought I would make something with an ode to where I live: Lobster Mac + Cheese. Maine Lobster. Vermont Cheddar. Made in Massachusetts. OK, that’s half of the New England States represented. Best I could muster.

And the Mac + Cheese? It’s yummy. 🙂
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