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Cardamom Fig Jam and Orange Fig Jam

One of the great things about late summer and early autumn in my foodie world is figs. I get giddy for those figgies! And, to make them last longer, I often make jam out of figs, which can be used for both sweet or savory things, added to stews or even stir fries, but don’t count out making Fig Newtons! This year, I’ve made two sorts: Cardamom Fig and Orange Fig. Distinctly different but equally lovely.
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Apricot and Dried Cranberry Pinwheel Cookies

It’s been a “bad” month for creating things. Work has been crazy busy and I have been off on some mini-adventures, which has left the cooking and baking at the margins, which I hate. Mostly because cooking and baking are my self-reliever, and when I just don’t have the time or the energy, I feel badly. That said, last night I did make these Apricot and Dried Cranberry Pinwheel Cookies. They aren’t the prettiest cookies that I have ever made (I let the butter get too soft, which in turn make the dough crumbly which in turn made it hard to roll out, and then roll together). They do taste quite lovely though.
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Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Butter)

Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies … I’ve made similar cookies before, but tried something new this time, instead of using butter, I made them with coconut oil with the thought that they would stay a little more chewy than crunchy. The trick though is that you absolutely have to let them chill completely after forming and before making, otherwise you will have a complete mess on your hands. Turned out pretty yummy, if I do say so myself!
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Red Currant Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

A couple of weekends ago, I went berry picking again and got a slew of red currants. Some were made into jam, so I thought I would use some of that jam to make these thumpprint cookies. You could also use raspberry jam or tart cherry jam, which also go quite nicely with the chocolate combination — the whole tart + chocolate is really nice.
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Rosemary Pine Nut Sablé Cookies

Today, we’re back to experimenting with some unconventional flavors in the cookie department. Who would have thought to combine pine nuts, rosemary and black pepper into a sweet shortbread cookie? Turns out, it’s an awesome combination. I’m not sure if I think that these would go better with sweet such as tea or savory such as wine and cheese. Either way, they do taste good, even if you end up thinking “Hmmm, what’s that flavor?”.
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