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Black + Blue Champagne Squishy

Over the weekend, I had a slight mishap with a champagne bottle that resulted in a trip to the ER, a chipped tooth, stitches and well … general unpleasantness. Someone suggested a “commemorative recipe” so never one to put too much seriousness into my experiments, I made up this cocktail recipe. And yes, I wore protective gear. 🙂
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Kir Royal Mini Cupcakes

Sometimes a random Wednesday in January deserves a cupcake. OK, in full disclosure, these Kir Royal Mini Cupcakes were actually part of a New Year’s Eve Celebration to ring in 2017, but I’m just getting around to posting today. Besides, they would be just as yummy today. Nom Nom Nom.
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Spiced Honey Bourbon Apple Spritzer

It’s really warm out for September, above 27C/80C for sure. That isn’t exactly conducive to fall cocktails, but this was what I was in the mood for. Hearty bourbon, sweet honey and apples. It’s cold enough and fizzy enough even to drink on this hot day. Can it be autumn now?!?
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Elderflower and Thyme Bellini

Friday! And that means cocktails again! You’d think that I only make cocktail *on* Fridays, but that isn’t true. I only actually *perfect* cocktails on Friday. It usually takes a few tries to get them right. And this one is delicious. Might have to have a couple more this evening.
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