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Salted Caramel Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark

This might be the easiest chocolately snack ever. I decided to make a few treats to take with my on my travels and decided on this “bark”. The best part about it — besides being insanely easy to make — is that is can look neat just by breaking it into irregular pieces. It’s a little messy to eat with the caramel oozing out, and I’d suggest keeping in in the fridge when not snacking \on it, but man, is it good! Continue Reading

Candy, Sweet Snacks

Honey Chipotle Sea Salt Buckeyes

A few weeks ago, I bought some of these Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters. As I have mentioned here before, I am not a huge fan of BP on it’s own, but lvoe it as an ingredient, so it was time for some experimenting. Turns out these Honey Chipotle Sea Salt Buckeyes are awesome… and spicy! They weren’t kidding when they say “bold flavors”! But paired with the chocolate, and the whole sweet/salty thing with the sea salt, they are excellent. Certainly not your everyday Ohio treat. 🙂
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Candy, Sweet Snacks

Sea Salt Almond Butter Buckeyes

I’ve never been much of a fan of peanut butter. Well, of like a PB+J sandwich. It’s good in baking and cooking, and I definitely like Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, but just peanut butter…. eh, take it or leave it. Almond butter. Cashew butter. Even Walnut butter (though it is hard to find). Those I prefer more. At any rate, I thought I would make buckeyes, but thought I would put a twist on them and made them with almond butter instead. And sea salt. Love sea salt!
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Chocolate Cinnamon Dot Fudge

Ah yes, more chocolatey goodness for your valentine … and the second time that I am making fudge in a matter of weeks. Yes, that is unusual. But, given the success of the last type, I thought I would dare to make a second, and besides, I thought I would test out the melting capabilities of those lovely cinnamon chips that I have been using of late. Turns out they melt great, although I am not necessarily that much of a fan of the color. Oh well. The fudge itself tastes great and is super cinnamony. Love those warm chocolate and cinnamon flavors in this cold wintertime!
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Candy, Sweet Snacks

Peanut Butter Cup Fudge with Salted Bourbon Sugar

Full disclosure: This recipe used pretty much exactly from HalfBaked Harvest because it sounded so good!

Second peanut butter recipe in as many weeks, which is really unusual for me, as I am not really a PB fan. Well, ok, not a peanut butter on bread with jam (or anything else for that matter) fan, but once you pair it with chocolate … well, I am all over that, which is why I like this recipe. Super yummy. It is, however, really rich, so maybe just eat one piece at a time. OK, maybe two.
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