Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Mini Pies in Jam Jar Lids

Here is one for all you arts and craftsy minded people out there: making mini-pies in jam jar lids. They are the perfect size, are oven safe and if you buy the pretty colored ones, are even great for presenting the little pies. The bottoms come off the Mason-jar style, so it’s also super easy to pop the pie out for those 1-2 bites. In theory, they are reusable, but because they are so cheap, who cares if one or two go missing!
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Espresso Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookies

These might be my new favorite chocolate chip cookies. I know, I know, I likely said that at the last batch of chocolate chip style cookies that I made, but these add in two of my other favorite flavors: espresso and coconut. And they are the perfect thing on this chilly and blustery Friday afternoon. Time for some hot chocolate to go with them too!
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Apple Blackberry Harvest Muffins, with Cinnamon Oatmeal Streusel

These muffins just scream “Autumn!” to me. Apples are self explanatory, but blackberries — the last of the seasonal berries — are always an early fall thing for me too (ok, it isn’t “early” fall anymore, but nevertheless). I also think they are a completely underused berry in the food world (I’ve even had people tell me that they are poisonous … errr, whatever). They are a little tart, but if you don’t like overly sweet breakfasts, then they are lovely addition to these muffins. Apple Blackberry Muffins … it’s what for breakfast.
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Cinnamon Chip Spiced Snickerdoodles

Ahhhh, the humble snickerdoodle. The quintessential american spice cookie — perfect for autumn — with the funny sounding name. I jazzed these up a little by adding cinnamon chips. If you can’t find cinnamon ships, white chocolate chips (or even better, the mini-chips) are good too, but I would stay away from regular semi-sweet chips, because then really … you’re just making a chocolate chip cookie. Heavy on the nutmeg and cloves, skimped on the cinnamon a bit in the batter (because of the chip inclusion)… these are very tasty. Definitely a good addition to the Halloween Party snacks!
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