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General Reference/Tutorial

Peri Peri Sauce

In the last week or so, the topic of Peri Peri Sauce, or even more specifically “Nando’s Chicken” has come up at least 5 times … twice with acquaintances from South Africa and the remaining time with UK friends. That signaled to me that I should make my own. And then fate decided to tell me that I should really use the peppers from my own garden … which are mostly joloquia (ghost peppers) and habaneros, because actual peri peri chilis are near on impossible to find here. Anyway, voila … homemade Peri Peri Sauce. Spicy as all get out. Can be used on chicken (obviously), but also with veggies, fish or smear it on toast… 🙂 Be forewarned: recipe as written is crazy hot. If you want less spicy peri peri sauce, use less chilis or pick a variety that won’t kill you.
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Dinner, Lunch

Tuscan Halibut With Lemons, Olives and Rosemary

And now for something that isn’t baking — cooking for once, instead. I love this recipe — the flavors of the briny olives, the freshness of the lemons, the perfect texture of the fish. All very delicious. Because halibut can be a bit of a splurge with the cost, this can also be made with cod or any thicker cut white fish. Definitely give it a go.
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Cookies, Sweet Snacks

Red Currant Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

A couple of weekends ago, I went berry picking again and got a slew of red currants. Some were made into jam, so I thought I would use some of that jam to make these thumpprint cookies. You could also use raspberry jam or tart cherry jam, which also go quite nicely with the chocolate combination — the whole tart + chocolate is really nice.
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Black + Blue Champagne Squishy

Over the weekend, I had a slight mishap with a champagne bottle that resulted in a trip to the ER, a chipped tooth, stitches and well … general unpleasantness. Someone suggested a “commemorative recipe” so never one to put too much seriousness into my experiments, I made up this cocktail recipe. And yes, I wore protective gear. 🙂
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Blueberry Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes
and Key Lime Margarita Cupcakes

I was asked to bring a few desserts to a birthday party, so sticking on the summer theme, I made two very festive kinds: Blueberry Vanilla and Key Lime “Margarita” Cupcakes. I’m adding both recipes to one post, because I served them (and in a rush, remembered to photograph them!) on one platter/tray. Each are different and unique, but still delicious (I think the blueberry ones were more popular!)
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