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November 2017

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Chocolate-dipped Butterfinger Brownies

I have a lot of brownie recipes up here on this here page, because even “from scratch” brownies are so darn easy to make. So when I saw these “Butterfinger Bits’ (which I had never actually seen before last week when they jumped off the shelf at Target), I thought that they would make a nice marriage for these brownies. Delish!
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White Balsamic and Rosemary Cranberry Chutney

Every year, I seem to make another variation on cranberry sauce. There have been versions with ginger, apple, port wine and this one, with Rosemary and White Balsamic. It’s a great little combination, though you really have to like rosemary as it is pretty powerful as far as herbs go. It will go great with your turkey dinner though. Tick tock, almost Thanksgiving!
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Cookies, Sweet Snacks

Chocolate Dipped Squirrels, with Harvest Nuts

I was in the mood to continue the “Harvest” trend here on this here website, but somehow, I am not overly pleased with these cookies. They taste really nice — chocolate-dipped chocolate sugar cookies, with just the right amount of toasted pecans, but somehow, these little squirrels don’t look right to me. Next time, maybe I’ll have the little critters holding a nut, and maybe even paint eyes on them. At any rate, still wanted to post them here. Enjoy.
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Rigatoni Pie

Here is a little bit of an odd-ball recipe for you: Rigatoni Pie. OK, in this case, it is actually Paccheri Pie, because that is the kind of pasta that I used, but most people would use rigatoni. Any tubular pasta will do though. I had found the paccheri a while back at Eataly, so figured that I could use them with this.

So what is a pasta pie? Essentially, a lasagna with the noddles standing upright. All the ingredients are the same. I just think this turns out to be a bit of a fun presentation. And perfect comfort food as well.
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