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#136: Eat lots of seafood at the Boston Seafood Festival

Today I went to the 6th Annual Boston Seafood Festival. I’d actually planned on going anyway, but as it turns out, it was on the Boston Foodie 150 list (#136: Eat lots of seafood at the Boston Seafood Festival) so it was double appropriate. The event itself was ok. The weather was great, I went early enough that the lines were crazy long and the throngs of people weren’t too bad, but that was at 11 AM; I am sure that by mid afternoon, it was a madhouse. Also, it’s pricey. Meaning, you pay $15 entry fee, but that is just to get onto the grounds and then all the food is still pricey… Lobster dinner with chowder, clams and corn was $20. Lobster Tacos were $15. If you were to really chow down, it would easily be $100. To get in a better variety, I would definitely recommend going with a bunch of people and sharing things. Also, if you go with a bunch of people, standing around in the Harpoon Beer Garden would be more fun. 🙂 Overall, it’s recommended and I had fun; just more of a group event. For more photos, follow the link or scroll above.

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