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October 2016

Breads, Breakfast/Brunch, Sweet Snacks

Banana Pecan Crunch Muffins

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Seriously the easiest muffins ever. Bananas, pecans, a bit of oatmeal crumble. On the breakfast table, all warm and delightful, in under an hour (under 45 minutes if you hurry a bit).

So, in reference to the photo that looks like claws are coming to steal the muffins: my parents have this decorative metal lobster hanging on the porch railing, with the claws just above railing level. I thought that it was funny in a halloween like way, to have the clws coming up from the deal to steal my Banana Pecan Crunch Muffins. Nom. Happy Halloween. 🙂
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

“Hasselback-style” Apple Custard Tart

Look! Another apple pie! Are you surprised? There must be about 20 on this here site. I love apple pie.

And I love this whole “hassleback” cut. I usually do it of course with potatoes (like here), but it also works with apples and even cucumbers! I thought it was a lovely presentation with the pie, and the apples peeking out. Also, it’s fall so there are some pretty leaves. Lovely.
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Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Hazelnut-Rosemary Caramel Tart

This is a bit of a twist on a Pecan Pie. It has the same sort of filling (melted butter, eggs, corn syrup, brown sugar), but instead of using pecans, I used toasted hazelnuts and I added a twist: I steeped some fresh rosemary (from my ever dwindling herbs in my porch garden — the next frost and they will all be gone) in the melted butter for 20 minutes, to give it an interesting, and in my opinion, lovely harvest flavor. I suppose that you could use other nuts as well — cashews maybe? — if you weren’t up for using hazelnuts but still wanted something different than your standard pecan pie. Serve at room temp, maybe with a bit of whipped cream to cut the richness.
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Cookies, Sweet Snacks

Salted Caramel Hazelnut Croquant Thumbprint Cookies

OK, these are awesomely delicious. And time consuming. I’m not sure I would have made them had I really realized that they are more or less a 5 step process (make dough, make rounds/dip, bake, caramel, chocolate decoration). Actually, who am I kidding … lots of my cookies take this long. They are worth it though.

Before someone asks me, what Hazelnut Croquant is, I’ll just tell you: In a nutshell (no pun intended) it’s like a nut brittle that is than smashed to pieces. Candied nuts, chopped fine. You can do it with any nut sort, but in Germany, they sell pre-packaged hazelnut croquant, so instead of making my own, I went with that. I know, cheater. If you don’t want to go through the effort of making croquant, finely chopped nuts will do. If you use peanuts, these will be little “turtles” (chocolate, peanuts, caramel).
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Dinner, Lunch, Soups

Sweet Potato and Shrimp Chowder

I had bought some sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market the other weekend, with the full intent of making sweet potato fries (which I love), but somehow today was another “cold weather food day” so here I am, making another soup. Added some shrimp just because I had them in the freezer. And there are leftovers.

PS: don’t tell me that it looks like baby food. Should have added more cream at the end because it got a little thick after I added the shrimp/prawns. Adjust the cream level as needed!
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