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June 2016

Savory Snacks, Sweet Snacks

Chipotle and Rosemary Roasted Nuts

I know that a lot of people associated roasted nuts more as a winter thing, but I had an urge to make some, and figured they go just as well with a couple of beers on the back porch as they do at Christmas time. These are smokey and sweet, and not too spicy. Just enough to keep you thirsty — and grabbing a few more — but not overly hot, salty or sweet to any extreme. Try ‘am, you’ll like ’em.

PS: you can use any combination of nuts that you like. I particularly like this combo and ratio, but whatever floats your boat.
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Appetizers/Starters, Savory Snacks

Cranberry Almond Black Pepper Shortbread “Cookies”

Thought I would try something different for once. Savory cookies. Yeah, ok, most people would call savory cookies crackers, but seeing this is actually modified from one of my sweet shortbread recipes, I am sticking with cookies. And I guess they aren’t all savory — there are cranberries in there and a bit of sugar. But definitely more the Wine-and-cheese idea than coffee and sweets.
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