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March 2016

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Spinach and Smoked Gouda Quails Egg Quichelets

So today, Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday is called Green Thursday in Germany (not the only name, and no, I am not Catholic nor generally religious, so I am not going into the whole details of why, yadda yadda yadd… you all have the ability to google for yourselves), and some people eat green food today. Typically things that are leafy and herby and spring like. This year, given my work schedule, it kind of crept up on me (and Easter is particularly early this year) so I had to do what was in the house. Although, in my house, this involves quails eggs and smoked gouda. So, yeah, I’m a little odd when it comes to stuff in my fridge.
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Coconut Chocolate Brookie Bars

So what do you make when you can’t decide whether you are more in the mood for brownies or more in the mood for cookies? Well, Brookies of course. Brownies on the bottom, and in this case *coconut* cookie dough on top, and just for good measure, a sprinkling of mini-chocolate chips. That should sort both cravings, I assume!
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Cookies, Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Blueberry Almond Linzer Cookies

Here’s something to cheer up a Monday afternoon, first Monday of Spring (one where Boston saw “a plowable snow event”, as they so eloquently say these days). Millefleur of Blueberry Almond Linzer Cookies. OK, I didn’t actually make a thousand of them, but they are cute and small and a batch of cookie dough did make a whole bunch. Similar to may of the linzer cookies I make, these have a double dose of almond (almond extract and almond meal) as well as double blueberry (blueberry sugar and blueberry jam).
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And tis the season to start thinking about Easter. And Easter Food. Every years I make some sort of Hot Cross Buns, everything from traditional to last year’s with chocolate covered cherries in them, but this year’s I think are my favorite so far: Cranberry Walnut Hot Cross Buns, with Maple Glaze. Somehow rather New England-y with the cranberies and maple. Positively yummy!
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Bœuf Bourguignon, ma façon

It’s the first weekend of Spring, but here in Boston it was turned cold again, with the potential for snow in the next 24 hours, so I thought that I would get one more “winter-ish” recipe in. Surprisingly, I have never posted this recipe, even though beef stew is one of my staple dishes. I usually make a big batch as it freezes well. And it makes the flat all nice and cozy. Onwards to spring, but first, enjoy some Bœuf Bourguignon, Kat style.
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