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October 2015


Apple Blackberry Harvest Muffins, with Cinnamon Oatmeal Streusel

These muffins just scream “Autumn!” to me. Apples are self explanatory, but blackberries — the last of the seasonal berries — are always an early fall thing for me too (ok, it isn’t “early” fall anymore, but nevertheless). I also think they are a completely underused berry in the food world (I’ve even had people tell me that they are poisonous … errr, whatever). They are a little tart, but if you don’t like overly sweet breakfasts, then they are lovely addition to these muffins. Apple Blackberry Muffins … it’s what for breakfast.
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Cinnamon Chip Spiced Snickerdoodles

Ahhhh, the humble snickerdoodle. The quintessential american spice cookie — perfect for autumn — with the funny sounding name. I jazzed these up a little by adding cinnamon chips. If you can’t find cinnamon ships, white chocolate chips (or even better, the mini-chips) are good too, but I would stay away from regular semi-sweet chips, because then really … you’re just making a chocolate chip cookie. Heavy on the nutmeg and cloves, skimped on the cinnamon a bit in the batter (because of the chip inclusion)… these are very tasty. Definitely a good addition to the Halloween Party snacks!
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“Pretty Lady” Apple Pie, with Hazelnuts and Calvados

It’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow, and I can’t very well show up empty handed. When I asked her what type of a birthday cake she wanted, she said “something with apples” so while this is a pie not a cake, it’s a birthday pie. And it’s a “pretty lady” pie because it uses pink lady apples, it is also because my mum is a very pretty lady too.

It’s bad luck in German tradition to wish someone a happy birthday before their birthday, so I am not doing that yet though. 🙂
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ATK’s Chinese Braised Beef, with Broccoli

Taking photos of some of my savory dishes is hard. I mean, this is just shredded beef short ribs, so not exactly the prettiest thing to take a picture of. But Oh-My-Goodness are they amazing. This is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe and it takes hours to make in a really low-and-slow braise, but it is sweet and savory and really yummy. Broccoli is options, but also pretty yummy. In fact, you could stick this in a burger bun and make a really fine shredded beef sandwich, Asian-style. Note: This is pretty much a verbatim recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. Have to give props where props are due.
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Wild Boar Ragout (Wildschweingulasch)

One of the things that I love about Germany (or I guess lots of places other than Boston), is that you have better access to wild game in restaurants. I love boar and venison (and bear, and elk, and moose, though you can get out west in the Rockies and such). And when I was just in Munich last week, I had a great Wild Boar Goulash. This is my version of that and it is really really good. Time consuming, as most stews are, but that was just an excuse to smell it all afternoon.
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